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40+ Critical Economics Research Paper Topics 

Economics is one of the most prominent subjects in the social sciences. If you are a student of economics, you must realize the write my essay for me importance of research for your academic and professional career. Your abilities to do research in the field of economics will be beneficial not only for you but you can change the life of others as well through your astonishing ideas.

The quality of the entire research bases on the uniqueness of ideas as well as the relevance of your work with the current economic situation of the world. It is not an easy task to find a unique idea as it needs a lot of research itself. But the good news for you is that this article will present to you some basic ideas and topics for your research papers. You can choose any of the following topics and can refine them according to your specific needs and desires. 


The followings are some of the topics for your subject of Macroeconomics. 

  1. Measuring Gross Domestic Product.

  2. Progressive taxation and its impact on income distribution.

  3. Calculating the optimal tax rate.

  4. Unemployment allowance and its impact.

  5. Measuring Ginni-Coefficient

  6. Optimal Interest rate.

  7. Bank rate for the stable inflation rate.

  8. Public policy for essay help better governance.

  9. Monetary policy and its tools

  10. The Role of FED in a trade war with China.

  11. Sectoral reforms and GDP growth rate.


The followings are some of the topics for your subject of Microeconomics. But before mentioning the emerging trends in the field, here is additional advice for you. A research paper is one of the most important stone miles in your academic career. Your research paper must be unique so that you can get good grades. A research paper will also help you in your professional career. As it is not an easy task to produce quality research especially in your student life, it is recommended that you should get the services of a free essay writer. A professional writer can better handle your all sort of academic assignments and research papers. 

  1. Determinants of equilibrium in the labor market.

  2. Wage determination and the role of government.

  3. Measuring price elasticity for luxury items. 

  4. Revealed preferences and the demand curve.

  5. Profit maximizing behavior of a firm and its social impacts.

  6. Impact of labor unions on write my essay labor supply.

  7. Labor promotion determinants.

  8. Calculating the equilibrium wage in the labor market. 

  9. Consumer behavior and demand.

  10. Indifference curves and their relevance.

  11. Price determination in monopolistic industry.  

Agricultural Economics

The followings are some of the topics for your subject of agricultural economics:

  1. The mechanism of price determination of agricultural products.

  2. Is overproduction possible in the agricultural sector? 

  3. Impact of liberalization over the well being of agricultural farmers.

  4. Is trade good for the agricultural sector? The case study of the US since 9/11.

  5. Is government intervention in the agricultural sector is good? 

  6. The impact of subsidies in the essay writing service agricultural sector on the production level. 

  7. What determines the supply of agricultural products in the US.

  8. Export promotion policies and the their impact on the price in the local market. 

  9. Natural disasters and their impact on the production of agricultural products. 

International Economics

The followings are some of the topics for your subject of International Economics:

  1. Measuring the impact of tariffs over the price of imported vehicles.

  2. Is free trade with China good for the American economy? 

  3. An empirical study of the United States trade patterns since 9/11.

  4. Checking the relevance of the gravity model in the case of the US and European countries. 

  5. How American labor suffers due to the increasing migration from Asian countries?

  6. What determines the patterns of trade in the presence of government intervention.

  7. Oil price shocks and their impact on the American economy.

  8. Off-shore servicing and their essay writer impact on employment levels in the US. 

  9. How the US can reduce its trade deficits?

  10. How to tackle Chines increasing influence in the world market? 

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